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Hilgers Graben specializes in complex commercial litigation. What is complex commercial litigation? It's a case in which the legal issues involved might require a high level of sophistication or attention to detail from counsel (e.g., class actions, securities-related matters, and the like). Or it might be a case in which the underlying facts are complex and are not easily grasped; examples of these cases might include cases involving a highly-technical software company, or a large multi-national pharmaceutical company with witnesses or subsidiaries around the world.  

Our attorneys have decades of experience dealing with these kinds of cases, and have the background and training to understand, develop, and distill complex concepts and legal theories for the court and, ultimately, a jury.

No matter where the case is, our attorneys have handled matters around the country, including in Oregon, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Texas, Virginia, Delaware, and other jurisdictions—contact the Hilgers Graben team to help with your complex litigation matter.