Hilgers Graben offers expert local counsel services for Nebraska state and federal courts and in Texas.  Hilgers Graben has handled local counsel responsibilities for a number of complex, high-stakes disputes, from patent litigation matters to trade secret matters to bet-the-company commercial disputes.  In a case in which the plaintiff was seeking $100 million, our attorneys picked the jury and assisted the client in winning one of the most significant defense verdicts of the last decade in Nebraska. 

We have made becoming an expert local counsel a priority.  Our attorneys have helped navigate a wide variety of complex, novel, and difficult procedural and substantive issues, and specialize in providing the 24/7 service that our BigLaw co-counsel, and sophisticated clients, come to expect. 

If you have a case in Nebraska or the Northern District of Texas and need help navigating the jurisdiction, give Hilgers Graben a call today.