Inc. 5000

Having smart, talented, hard-working attorneys is the necessary foundation of any first-class law firm.  Hilgers Graben was founded to disrupt the legal industry by thinking about the business of law differently.  This means both a specific focus on how to improve upon our execution of legal tasks for our client as well as focusing on creating a first-class atmosphere and culture for the Hilgers Graben team. We are guided daily by our set of core values.  We want our clients to know what pushes and guides us every day, and to let future teammates know the type of culture they can expect at Hilgers Graben.

1. Building Trusted Professionals -- For clients, you hire professionals who care about their craft, execute at a high level, and are attentive to the details and the issues that matter to you.  For our colleagues, this means that we invest in your future with comprehensive training, one-on-one learning and attention, and a vested interest in your professional development.

2. A Culture of Service --

"Everybody can be great, because everybody can serve."

—Martin Luther King, Jr.

Everything we do is about client service--making clients' lives easier, eliminating headaches and anticipating problems and creating solutions. We work on building a culture of service at all levels of the firm.

3. No Jerks -- We fight hard for our clients, but we take pride in having first-class people who treat clients and each other the right way.   For colleagues, we understand that the practice of complex, high-stakes litigation is demanding.  Jerks make life more difficult and add unnecessary burdens to the practice of law.

4. No Fear -- We compete against some of the largest law firms in the country and we work on some of the most complex cases.  Our approach is to proceed without fear.  We are an introspective firm and we are always working to identify blind spots and find new ways to improve.  No one at the firm has any fear of pointing out ways we can work better or do things more effectively for our clients.

5. Honoring Thought Leaders -- "Leading" is in the firm DNA, and we are constantly trying to improve both our legal skills and the execution of the business of law.  That means we honor and support those who innovate--we value those who think critically about how we do things, about our methods, and about our processes, so that we can be better, more efficient, or otherwise add more value for our clients.