Edge By HG hilgers Graben

Q: What is the EDGE Team? 

A: The EDGE Team is a highly talented and trained expert team of document reviewers.

Q: What does that mean?

A: Unlike most document review teams, our team went to top law schools (e.g., University of Chicago Law School), worked at big, AmLaw100 firms, clerked for federal judges, and they have devoted their talents to being expert document reviewers.

Q: What does that mean for me?

A: More bang for your buck. The average time for review for a typical document reviewer might be 60 documents/hour; our team can achieve 250 documents/hour or faster rates, with higher quality. Our team tends to cut significantly on the cost—we have achieved up to 70% savings for comparable document review work. And our team can do more of the substantive portion of the review than a traditional document review firm.

Q: What kind of matters can you help me with?

A: Any major document review. From an investigation to a complex litigation matter, our EDGE team can assist you.


Q: Where can I learn more about how the EDGE team compares to other document review teams?

A: Check our our latest white paper.